When you shouldn't wear your ring

Your left hand is finally a little heavier, now to keep it that way! Your ring will unfortunately not stay in the pristine condition that you received it in. From work to play, there are bound to be bumping doors and scratching in your handbag, leaving fine scratches and marks on your ring. A good buffing treatment at a jeweller can minimize these. Insurance may protect the replacement of your ring however, if underinsured; you may not get the same ring and who wants to lose the sentimental value of THIS ring. Lets look at the activities you definitely want to keep your gorgeous ring from:

1. Cleansing

Taking a bath, shower or washing your hands involves lots of soapy chemicals and thick greasy products. If you do have to wear your ring, be very mindful when removing. Rather a muddled ring than no ring! At home, make sure to keep your ring off to keep it gleaming.

2. Water

The beach, the pool, the Jacuzzi is a no no. Remember that your skin shrivels in water and your loose ring can disappear in a flash, not to mention the sand that can make its way into the prongs of the ring setting. If you have no other option but to keep it with you, connect it to a necklace you wear.

3. Driving

Ok so you are not going to not wear your ring every day, but definitely be mindful of turning your ring over especially at traffic lights, parking zones and shopping malls. Safety first girls! There are prying eyes everywhere!

4. At the gym

The sweat, gloves and burpees may cause undue scratches to your ring. Also remember that dumbbells and weight machinery may cause pressure that could result in stones falling out. As for extreme and contact sports, ring avulsion is a real thing (that’s why soccer players tape their wedding finger!)

5. Chores

Corrosive chemicals are used in home cleaning; car washing and spring cleaning that can erode your stone’s polished look. Wear gloves if you have to wear the ring but the best place is away from cleaning!

6. Absent Mindedness

Yes absent mindedness is an activity if you do it often. Always keep your most prized piece of jewellery in its own buffered casing to prevent scratching and to create a habit. This way when it is not on your finger you will notice immediately.

It only takes a second to lose your ring and the beautiful memories it brings as you stare down to it so be careful, be safe and keep it shining.

Image: Popsugar

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