What makes an ideal life partner

No one gets into a marriage expecting to be divorced. Marriage is considered for life, ‘till death do us part’. One of the most vital decisions one makes in life is choosing the ideal life partner. You need to decide if you can love, cherish, and harmoniously live alongside each other for years to come.

While it is often easy to fall in love, it isn't always as easy to remain in love. There may not be any such thing as a perfect mate, but we all have expectations of an ideal life partner that may be:  

  • A person who has developed him/herself in a certain conduct that goes beyond looks, charms, and success
  • A person you are willing to wake up to every morning
  • A person you are comfortable in sharing your heart, family, and soul with
  • A person you would like to create a new family with
  • A person you would want to grow old and grey with

Although each one of us has our own views and may look for different qualities in our life partners, a few of them are incredibly important for every man and woman to consider. If you are not looking for these qualities, you should start to do so to ensure a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.


1. Loving & Caring

The very first thing you look for in a partner is unconditional love and care. Who doesn't like to be loved and cared for? If you or your partner does not have enough love and care for each other, your relationship will not see a bright future. Your feelings for each other must be the top priority.

Bride Control Loving and caring


2. Faithful

No one deserves to be second guessed or cheated on. It is imperative that your partner loves you enough to not betray you. The feeling of betrayal by someone you trusted the most is not pleasant. Not to mention the embarrassment and disappointment you feel for choosing and placing your trust in the wrong person.

  Bride Control Faithful



3. Trustworthy

At the same time, it is also crucial that you find it in yourself to trust your partner and vice versa. No one likes to hang around a nagging, suspecting partner or live with one, trust us, that is not going to be an easy feat and you deserve better.

Bride Control Trustworthy



4. Honest

Trust is built upon honesty. If your partner is comfortable lying to you about mundane things, disputes cannot be prevented, resulting in an unhappy relationship and at worst a breakup. You lie to someone who you think you can fool. If your partner does not have enough respect for you to tell you the truth, you obviously deserve someone better.

Bride Control Honest



5. Respectful

Respect does not only mean honesty. Respect also means understanding and appreciating your partner’s family, friends, career, views, and values. Your partner should understand that you are equal in every way. Despite your financial status, your ethnicity, or your birth circumstances, you should not allow your partner to discriminate against you in any form.

Bride Control Respectful



6. Gets on with your family

To most people, family always comes first as it should be. No one tolerates disrespect of their family, even if they are wrong, it still kind of hurts to hear their faults. If your partner does not find it in him/herself to have enough respect for your family and if your family does not have enough respect for your partner, your relationship is highly likely to face doom. Mostly because your family has the most power to influence you in a certain way.

Bride Control Family



7. Mature

When looking for a partner you are looking for an equal, not a kid to babysit. Thus, it is essential to ensure your partner is mature enough to handle any obstacle and every responsibility hand in hand with you.

Bride Control Mature



8. Reliable & Friendly

With maturity comes reliability. A reliable person also makes an amazing friend. At difficult times it is always good to know you have someone you can rely on, not just to make things easier by helping out, but also by simply being there for you. Sometimes, a heartfelt confession can also relieve you immensely and you can only do that with a good friend. Are you comfortable having that sort of friendship with your partner? Is he/she, your go-to person at rough times? Is he/she the first person you want to share your good and bad news with? Is it the same for them with you?

Bride Control Reliable and Friendly



9. The person you want to create your family with

Having children and bringing them up is rewarding but filled with a lot of hard work too. Your partner's support is highly essential to create a good family. If your partner is not reliable, how will you manage a family with such a person? Moreover, your children are bound to inherit some of your partner's traits. If you don't approve of these, you are looking at a whole load of challenges in your future.

Bride Control create family



10. Hardworking

Only a hardworking individual understands the value of time, life and priorities. You don't want a lazy person as your partner who you will have to coach and push at every circumstance to get something done.

Bride Control Hardwork



11. Romantic

The most beautiful aspect of couple-life is the romance between them. It is always extremely heartwarming when your better half does something special for you. Not necessarily lavish gifts or foreign trips, even a simple gesture of kindness and love can make all the difference in the world. The touch of romance makes your life a lot more meaningful and your hearts grow fonder.

Bride Control Romantic



12. Sexual attraction

One of the first things that drive you to a potential partner is sexual attraction. Despite all your flaws, at your best and your worst, if you still have that spark going then you’ve nailed it. It may not be the most important aspect of couple-life but is a must-have to ensure a long-lasting relationship.

Bride Control Attraction 


Have you found your ideal life partner? If they tick the above boxes, you can count on your relationship lasting with consistent caring and work. Have a look at Are you ready for the next step? and 20 Tell Signs He is Popping the Question If you haven’t, we hope you now know what to look for. Wishing you and yours that forever kind of love.


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