What Grooms Forget on the Wedding Day

Now we all know that the wedding day is all about the belle of the ball, the radiant bride, but it is the groom’s special day too! You hunt for the best south african wedding venue, the greatest photographer all the way to the perfect napkins and flowers. Whilst he has a lot less to cover, sometimes the small details can be forgotten. If you are a groom reading this, take note to avoid any last minute mishaps!

Here are ten things to remember for on the day:


#1 The Bride's Gift

Remember to give her a little something on the morning of the wedding. Even something inexpensive like a handwritten letter with a sentimental gift will make her day!

#2 Eat

It’s easy to get carried away with the nerves, excitement and people around you. Remember to eat to keep your blood sugar levels steady allowing you to enjoy every single moment from morning to night.

#3 Breathe

We get it, this is a big step in your life, and the anticipation of your beautiful bride is making your heart pound and your torso lock up! Relax and take a minute to breathe and take all of her in when she walks down the aisle. You got this!

#4 Pace Yourself

So your groomsmen did a round of drinks at 10am for the photo op, pace yourself in order to put you in the best position to get through the day (that sounds terrible, you should be enjoying it!) and remember the beautiful memories you create together on this day!

#5 The Rings

Double check with your groomsmen and ring bearer on the rings! Nobody wants that awkward pocket shuffle.

#6 Vows & Speeches

Read over your vows and speech for a polished delivery, your nerves are bound to get in the way together with the emotion but practise makes perfect.

#7 Shave & Floss

The two easy forgettables! If you are planning to shave, do it the night before to avoid any razor burn. And also floss for flawless wedding photos!

#8 Vendor Tips

If you as a couple would like to tip your vendors for going above and beyond, make sure your tips are with someone trustworthy like a groomsmen to dish out during the wedding day as vendors leave. There may also be breakages that need to be covered when the vent is broken down.

#9 Accessories

You’ve got the tuxedo but don’t forget the socks or cufflinks and belt. Here is a checklist to mark against: Acronym: “BUTT”

Body - Hair products + Deodorant/Cologne + Sunblock

Undergarments – Undershirt/Vest + Underwear+ Socks

Tuxedo – Trousers + Dress shirt + Coat or jacket

Top layer – Shoes + Belt/suspenders + Tie/Bowtie + Cufflinks + Watch/bracelet/chain

#10 Wedding night access cards

Your wedding night is most likely spent at a hotel or BNB just before the honeymoon, make sure you have the access cards to get into the room once you guys call it a night, from the guests at least!


Don't miss a thing. Have a look at our full checklist here: W-Day Checklist: 100 to-dos in 12 months


Image: Darrell Fraser Photography

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