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A wedding planning checklist is imporntant to keep you on track and to ensure nothing is missed. It typically takes 12 months to plan a sizeable wedding at ease. Our month by month checklist at a glance gives you the 100 biggest things to cover. Use our interactive wedding planner checklist that will prompt you on what to do next, it is that easy! Sign up on Bride Control and start planning. click here. Or you can also be so yesterday and download our wedding planner checklist for printed copy (wink).


12+ months from the day

To do items: 9

  • Engagement party or drinks to celebrate
  • Finalise your wedding vision
  • Agree your budget and who hosts the wedding (yourselves, parents etc.)
  • Determine to self-plan with friends and family (and of course Bride Control) in which case hire an on the day coordinator, or hire a wedding planner
  • Pick a date: you can use the live calendar function on Bride Control for availability
  • Shortlist ceremony and reception venues (the most popular and best wedding venues in South Africa include wedding venues in Pretoria, Johannesburg, KZN and Cape Town)
  • Check for rain plans, back-up power and disability access
  • Decide on wedding party and VIPs: notify them of potential dates
  • Draft Guest List version 1


8–10 months from the day

To do items: 11

  • Say yes to the dress: find your inspiration, make or buy but order your dress
  • Explore a fitness and health programme: most brides choose a regime to look their best in time
  • Brainstorm your ideal décor and floral arrangements concept
  • Attend wedding expos or peruse through Bride Control for inspiration or ideas to add to your vision
  • Identify type of reception: casual, banquet? And the food that goes with it
  • Entertainment for your guests: DJ, band, violinist etc.
  • Research and compare the various vendors required from the venue and décor rentals to honeymoon travel agents
  • Out of town guests: who will cover their accommodation? Reserve hotels, BnBs etc.
  • Research wedding insurance to protect your deposits
  • Register a gift registry or fund
  • Create a wedding website


6–8 months from the day

To do items: 6

  • Book ceremony musicians
  • Order bridesmaid dresses
  • Finalise guest list
  • Save the date e-cards or traditional cards: this is especially important if you pick a popular date/remote location!
  • Start planning honeymoon: If it is a surprise, delegate to groom.
  • Apply for VISAs,purchase currency and get vaccinated if needed


4–6 months from the day

To do items: 6

  • Finalise wedding invitations: check spelling again!
  • Wedding ring shopping
  • Visualise your wedding cake and book a confectionery vendor
  • Shop for formalwear and rehearsal dinner attire for the week leading up
  • Optional pre-wedding counselling
  • Passports check for honeymoon: provide the name and surname on your passport at time of trip


3 months from the day

To do items: 10

  • Make time for date night: this is stressful, we know.
  • Execute cake tastings and order wedding cake/array of cakes
  • Finalise wedding day transport: car, horse & carriage, helicopter etc.
  • It’s time for husband-to-be to get tuxed up: order suit
  • Finalise calligraphy or labels for invitations
  • Groom gift: boudoir shoot or present
  • Attend your shower/bachelorette
  • Finalise officiator for the ceremony and marriage license
  • Book optional appointment with doctor for birth control
  • Obtain special permissions from vendor: for example to operate a drone to get overhead movie like shots


2 months from the day

To do items: 10

  • Deliver your invitations
  • Book your hair and make-up trial
  • Book bridesmaids hair and makeup appointments
  • Practise your first dance or attend dance lessons
  • Buy and practise walking in your wedding shoes
  • Write your vows
  • Purchase gifts for parents and bridal party
  • Thank you gifting
  • Plan reception seating chart, place and table cards, monogram serviette holders etc. on your own or with a wedding vendor
  • Final touch décor items that you may want to buy: for example a white carpet rental and cleaning costs are more than buying the carpet!


1 month from the day

To do items: 5

  • Wedding dress final fitting: take along bridesmaids to learn how to get you into your dress. Don’t forget the veil and petticoat!
  • Bridesmaids dress final fitting
  • Finalise vendor requests and quotes
  • Finalise wedding programme stationery
  • Write your speech: practise to minimize emotional tears


2 weeks from the day

To do items: 7

  • Have your dress pressed and collected
  • Review RSVPs and provide final numbers to wedding vendors
  • Determine wedding party positions and order of entrance walk ins
  • Email must-have shot lists of who and where to your photographer and videographer
  • Instruct DJ/Band on song list for Mr and Mrs Entrance, first dance, father-daughter dance etc.
  • Arrange transport for relevant guests
  • Go to your hair appointment for styling and colour


1 week from the day

To do items: 7

  • Email final guest numbers to wedding vendors:  remember to include vendor meals or your vendor may dash out of your wedding for food!
  • Supply venue and décor vendors as well as the on the day co-ordinator with a list of vendor requests such as a table for DJ or setup space needed for a florist.
  • Print reception seating chart, place and table cards, monogram serviette holders etc. Hand this over to décor vendor/on the day co-ordinator
  • Engage all wedding vendors and confirm arrangements
  • Provide ceremony and reception site managers a schedule of vendor deliveries, set up times, key contacts and secondary contacts.
  • Groom to go to his hair appointment
  • Attend rehearsal preparations


2–3 days from the day

To do items: 7

  • Groom to collect his suit
  • Obtain feedback from best man on groomsmen suits
  • Final confirmation of details with wedding vendors and any changes
  • Confirm transport to and from the wedding including addresses and times
  • Provide emergency contact numbers  that represent the couple on the day
  • Introduce your venue manager to your on the day coordinator or maid of honour for questions or problems during the wedding day
  • Pay final balances to wedding vendors


One Day from the day

To do items: 3

  • Treat yourselves to a spa or wind down session
  • Rehearsal Dinner to finalise positons, readings, speeches and special requirements
  • Deliver unity candle, aisle runner, prayer and havan goods, yarmulkes or other ceremony accessories to the venue


Pre-Wedding Night

To do items: 4

  • Handover your ID Photos and pre filled marriage forms to your officiant
  • Attend rehearsal dinner
  • Present bridal party with gifts at the rehearsal dinner: especially if the gifts are to be worn during the wedding.
  • Take a breather and take it all in: you’re getting married tomorrow!


The Day

To do items: 9

  • Smile and breathe
  • Present parent gifts and capture photos
  • Groom and Bride Gifts are usually delivered on behalf of
  • Entrust wedding bands to the best man and maid of honour to hold during the ceremony
  • Provide best man the officiant's fee envelope, to be handed off after the ceremony
  • Give your emergency kit to bridesmaids
  • Have your bridesmaids deliver your stayover/honeymoon bag to the honeymoon room
  • Delegate a family member to identify people for the photographer to execute must have shots
  • Request best man or maid of honour to obtain marriage certificate from officiator for safekeeping


The Day After

To do items: 6

  • Plan post family breakfast or lunch
  • Wedding vendors will breakdown the event and advise on any breakages/rentals
  • Pre plan for bridesmaids and groomsmen to take your wedding attire home or to be returned and deliver your honeymoon bag
  • Enjoy your honeymoon
  • Send thank you notes/emails upon your return
  • Lodge option name change: click here for how to do this

For a more detailed checklist, click here.  Our dynamic Checklist will be launched soon for you to tick off on the go!


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