Top 15 Date Night Picks in Johannesburg

You have gotten engaged - CONGRATULATIONS! You are so busy planning and gushing about each other to everyone except EACH OTHER! Take some time out and go on date night!


1. Couples cooking classes at Taste-buds Cook Club

This romantic evening begins with welcome drinks, each couple prepares one dish and once everyone is done, all food made are plated and placed at the buffet to try a little of everything.


Pricing: R300-R500 per person


2. Guided tour at Wanderers Cricket Stadium

This one is for the sport lovers which include a guided tour that takes you through the facilities, added extras and the amazing history of the stadium. You might even bump into one of the players!


Pricing: R40-R100 per person


3. Black Ops Laser Tag

So not exactly as the hand paint ball in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, but still a very cool choice for a date! . Choose a mission for example a zombie apocalypse, a Black Ops Check out Black Ops Advanced Tactical Laser Tag in Randburg.


Pricing: R400-R1000 per person


4. Hiking at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Picnic in the gardens or take an adventure on the 2.2 km Geological Trail. You’ll get incredibly views of the Gardens and surrounding areas, as well a glimpse of the magnetic shale and ancient lava that are found in the area. End your day at the waterfall where you may spot the eagles nesting in the area!


Pricing: R40-R100 per person


5. A Good Movie

No it does not have to be The Notebook or a RomCom every single day. You can pick a genre you both like, grab some pop corn and coke and reminisce about your boyfriend/girlfriend days and how much more you love each other now! Bring out the kids again! Check out the closest cinema near you!


Pricing: R65-R175 per person


6. Hartbeespoort Dam Boat Company

Start off the Harties experience with a “Spritz Venitziano” cocktail in hand as you board for the 2 hour cruise around the Dam, discovering all the hidden estates, coves and interesting waterfront houses along the way. There is just something magical about cruising these gentle waters shadowed by the Magaliesburg mountain range.


Pricing: Dependant on cruise selected


7. Archery

Why not learn a new skill while spending quality time together! Unwind on one of the ranges for Archery. A few places are Archers of Zoo-Lake, Waterhaven Country Estate and Magnu, Archery Kempton Park.


Pricing: Dependant on range and number of rounds


8. Pottery and Arts Class

Wouldn’t it be nice to mould a vase or item for your home as a memento of the fact that you made time for date night! Trust us, in ten years’ time, you will appreciate the reminder! A few places are Pottery Junxion, Color Café and All Fired Up.


Pricing: Various


9. Drive In Pop Ups

There’s something so romantic about the olden days Drive In even though storytelling and picture quality has come leaps and bounds since then!

Ensure your car has a radio so you can tune into the movie audio.Unlike normal cinemas, you can bring your own food and refreshments to enjoy during the movies.


Pricing: Cheap!


10. Fancy Dinner

Everyone deserves to be wined and dined every once in a while. Research your choice of menu and ambience and be sure to dress up for each other. Talk the night away!


Pricing: You choose.


11. Cool Kids Smash Session

Take me back to 16 when I was young, free, naïve and in love! Duke Burgers are a great place to smash a few burgers, wipe down a milkshake and be young again!


Pricing: You can afford it!


12. Walking the streets with ice cream

Walk the streets of Melrose Arch or Monte Casino in a safer environment, grab some ice cream or any dessert, walk hand in hand and build your dreams together!


Pricing: R50 per person


13. Eat In

Nothing like a couple’s pajama party with pizza, through a few pillows and blankets on the floor and enjoy each other’s company!


Pricing: R85 per person


14. Reminisce Sighting

Where was your first date or where did you first meet? Go there! Go back! Laugh at the silly things you said to each other and be grateful for how far you have come! This is sure to get your heart fluttering.


Pricing: You choose


15. Salsa Dancing

Lets get sexy and heated tonight!! Even better, take up rooftop salsa! Spice things up and dance the night away, literally! A few places are Estilo Cubano, Rooftop Salsa and Dance Café.


Pricing: From R100 per person


Where will your next date night be?


Image: Darrell Fraser Photography

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