Ring Sizing Guide

It is not easy to get a perfect fit first time around especially when it is a surprise. If you propose at an exotic location, the travelling may cause her fingers to swell, or she may have changed weight from time of design to time of ring delivery. The one sure way of getting this correct is to “Borrow” one of her existing rings or measure her existing jewellery against your fingers for measurement. Perhaps you have been married a few years already and would like to resize your ring. Read on below to find out how easy it is.


Key thoughts to bear in mind

  • The measurements provided below are standard South African sizes.
  • The average ladies ring size is N
  • The average men’s ring size is V
  • Your ring size will be slightly larger on your stronger hand (writing hand), therefore make sure that if you are using an existing ring to measure that it is from the same hand.
  • It may be safe to choose a ring one size larger than your measurement as fingers swell in different environments such as hot and cold or travelling, and you should still be able to slide the ring on and off.

How to determine your ring size at home

1. Cut a piece of string or thin strip of paper of at least 10cm long. Paper works better as it keeps its shape.

2. Wrap it snugly around your finger at the base.

3. Mark where the ends overlap with a pen.

4. Lay it flat and use a ruler to measure the inner length in millimetres.

5. Use the below chart to match your size.

Most jewellery stores will offer this sizing exercise for free. Pop in to one of them. For suggestions, check out our Jewellery Vendors.


Ring Sizing Chart

Bride Control Ring Size Chart


Image: Sharyn Hodgers

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