Proposal Blunders

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The hard part of this article is how do you creatively put this in front of your partner’s eyes? That is what friends are for!

There are a few things to keep in mind that make the world of difference from a blunder to a success.



If a man plans a romantic picnic in the garden or a stroll along beautiful gardens, it would help to make sure it isn’t raining and that both people are appropriately kitted out.

Hold Tongue

The more you tell, the more likely the beans will be spilled in your girlfriend’s presence. Keep this beautiful planning journey to yourself, all will want to hear about it later.

Ring, tick

A man can get flustered and hang onto every detail but the ring, don’t forget the ring!

Size her up

Nothing is worse than that Facebook selfie with the ring sitting on her knuckle! Take precautions brother, and measure the treasure!

Know her

Pick what she would like over yourself, this goes for the proposal venue and the ring! You can still accommodate her fairy-tale proposal and ring within your means.

Know it is a YES

If you are proposing to fix a problem – STOP! You should have a clear idea of what her version of your joint future looks together, and surely you have spoken about marriage. Being rejected is not easy and you can avoid this by discussing your future.

Man with a Plan

Plan the day well so that your execution is as special as she is. The last thing you want is to wonder when the right time will be on the day and you end up picking the most inopportune time!

Right time and place

If you or your partner is having a rough time or has to work over the holidays, rather propose when she is relaxed, she will thank you for it as she is able to absorb and be in the moment.


You have put in so much effort into the proposal from the dinner reservation to the booked car and photographer. She calls you saying she has to work late or is sick? Have a back-up plan.  It may not happen when and how you expect it to.

Sh*t it’s a surprise!

You will have many helpers along the way, parents, friends, the waiter that’s placing the ring on the dessert? Make sure they know NOT to let the cat out the bag or worse congratulate you before the YES!

Dates are important

A random date may bring back memories of the past like her grandfather passing – don’t pick that date!

Happy proposing, may it be your most magical day yet!

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