How to Plan a Happy Wedding Amidst the Pandemic

They say marriages happen when they are destined to be….

The global pandemic might make it a little complicated, but more and more couples are seeking advice from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). So, if you are planning to get hitched sooner or in the near future, then research properly and don’t leave any room for disappointment.

Plan a well-thought quick escape from the chaotic world of the Covid-19 pandemic and let love prevail.

You might be thinking, is it possible or is it that easy?

We understand the last few months have been frustrating and challenging. So here are some tips to make your life easier. Read below to find out how to plan a happy wedding amidst the pandemic. 

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1. Finalising the date

Consider going through the guidelines of CDC & WHO. Also, pay a visit to the government’s official site on precautions and rules and regulations pertaining to wedding gatherings. It’s your big day, and you’ll want to plan smartly.

While it might sound a bit obvious, a lot of couples are trapped in this bewildering thought of “Should we keep moving the date?”, “Should the wedding be postponed until we know more?”, “should it still be kept on the same date?” or “should it be a quick wrap with just a group of close family?”, the tension of such topical wedding FAQs have filled up the entire wedding space with confusion and uncertainty. Go through all the rules, talk to your vendors and see what the best way is to make it happen. Look out for help. Be vocal about what exactly you wish to see in your wedding. The wedding organizers have most likely had to come up with creative plans, if you tell them about your dream wedding, they will place their energy and workforce into making a near alternative that will be a lot closer to the wedding that you have been dreaming of.

2. Communicate with your vendors

Ask your vendors, whether their staff have been professionally trained? Whether they can help you with wedding insurance or alternate arrangements such as providing a bigger venue on their premises for social distancing?

Amidst the Corona Virus outbreak, the employees from the hotel and wedding industry have been trained rigorously to provide the safest environment possible. Ask your vendors if they are fully prepared for it or not.

Remember, this year, excluding the wedding dress, wedding venue and wedding catering (see full Wedding Online Checklist), you must create another checklist for wedding hygiene. Pay close attention to details like the number of sanitization counters to keep, the number of guests to be invited, the type of seating arrangements to keep to facilitate social distancing, number of hand gloves and face masks to be ordered and measures for a temperature check. 

Also, wedding insurance is something you should consider if you are planning a wedding now (it may be a bit late for those who have already planned and paid deposits). Look for options and talk to your vendors and other couples for reputable offers. Some vendors may come out of Covid-19 with cash flow constraints that could be protected via some insurance policies.

Don’t stress out, it’s ok. So, what if it is a wedding in 2020? You can still make it a memorable one. Get in touch with reputable creative wedding organizers who have successfully handled such weddings before and make some amazing memories that last. Coordinate with them and draw a final plan of action.

Pro Tip: DO NOT FORGET to ask your wedding planners about their current wedding planning policies. They may have a plan or package exclusively for couples who are getting married during lockdown. Ask them to share details on these options and opt for an affordable, memorable, and safe option. Search our wedding vendors and plan online easily! SHOP VENDORS

3. Online Shopping: The saver

All hail to online shopping for always being there by our side. No need to step out when you can shop safely within the comfort of your home. Best of all are the great deals popping up online over this Covid-19 period. Shop not just for yourself but also for your bridal party and family to maximize discounts!  Shop from virtual e-commerce platforms and save some more time and energy. See, it isn’t that bad. If you take it as a once in a lifetime experience (which it is by the way), then it will be super fun and you will start enjoying the process. Check in from time to time on our new exclusive offers – SHOP OFFERS.

Create a proper plan to communicate with your guests. Let them also know the online places to shop, share your findings with them and make them feel comfortable to attend your wedding. Show them that you do care about their health and comfort by clearly articulating your proceedings through the day.

4. Plan B: A Must Have

What if…

Well for that, keep an alternative plan ready. So, what is this plan B?

Virtual Wedding or elopement or perhaps just an intimate religious ceremony now and a reception later, may be one such plan. Keep your arrangements in place, bring some props that you think will look good on camera. Be flexible and keep yourself prepared for the worst so that sudden shocks and maybe sudden announcements by our president Cyril Ramaphosa clamping down on protocol will not dampen your upcoming special day.

5. Consider options for the extra money saved

With your guest list cut considerably, you will end up saving more. You could put this towards a home, start a nest egg or a future honeymoon post Covid-19 or even donating some funds to charity in this great time of need.

With all said and done, we should also acknowledge that weddings are an incredibly special part of life and should be cherished throughout. There is no one day that is special but the days that you choose to make special. We hope you will make the best of your ‘The Day’ and that Covid-19 will not come in your way down the aisle. We wish you all the best for a healthy, happy, and a safe wedding ahead.

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