How to announce your engagement

Don’t know where to start, we have you covered.

You only get one shot (hopefully) to announce your engagement in a spectacular fashion. Your body is bursting with excitement and your head is racing with wedding planning, spare a moment to enjoy the feeling. Wedding planning starts with the best South African wedding venues, maybe the idea of a beach wedding venue or something chic, wedding dresses, photographers, decor and florist, the list is long. Before you get to this, read our pointers around the best etiquette to announce your engagement to family and friends.


If you are thinking Facebook – STOP! You have to tell mom, and your best friend and and and - where to start? Read our top pointers of ring announcement etiquette.

Before rushing out to show the world your rock, spend time absorbing the moment – one of the best indescribable days of your life! Then, while you are wooing at your new husband to be and staring at your hand, conjure a plan. Quick planning will allow you to announce your engagement in style and make sure you have told your very closest first. Also, you are engaged for you as a couple, not for the world, so hold off posting onto social media in the moment, and enjoy the moment itself!

Once the announcement is made, you will be greeted with thousands of congratulatory messages closely followed by one million questions about the wedding you are going to have! So savour the moment and post in good time (usually 24 to 48 hours later).

So we all have a people hierarchy, here it is:


Ideally you would want to do more than a text. A momentous occasion like this calls for something a little more special like a dinner, get-together or video call.  

Parents first

If you have a close bond with your parents, make sure they’re the first people to know and from your lips—the last thing you would want is for your mom to find out about your engagement from your friend tagging your ring on Instagram while you were out celebrating without her!

Do you have children

If either of you have kids from a previous relationship, tell your kids first.

Rest of immediate family 

After your most immediate people know, you’ll also want to announce your good news to any siblings and extended family.

Get everyone together 

It’s finally official now, a great time to get both sides of the family together and to get to know one another a bit better. You would want to invite parents, siblings, grandparents, close relatives or godparents etc.



Now you can broadcast to larger groups of people.

After you’ve told your immediate families, you’ll probably want to tell your friends. A lot of us have family and friends we love but wouldn’t include in the first wave of “OMW I’M ENGAGED!” festivities so here are a few ideas on how to share the news:

Voice and video calls

This might seem old school for some however it remains one of the most genuine ways to announce your news especially to extended family and close friends. If there are larger groups or you are overseas with bad reception then a group text or video message is totally fine (You can finally use the ring emoji with confidence!).

Social Media

Snap a unique photo of you and your ring, or just your ring, or you, the ring and your bae-no-more or whichever is the best option for you and post it on your most used platform. Or it could be a 360 view or a boomerang – get creative! Easiest would be to post to your Instagram account and share on both Facebook and Twitter instantaneously. Think of a catchy caption: “He asked, I said yes”, “Of course I said YES!” or simply no caption needed. (Tag us @bridecontrol – we would love to see your gem!)

Engagement Party

Engagement parties are optional but can be fun, particularly if you’re having a long engagement (1 year +). Couples usually have an engagement party within 3 months. They can be casual or elegant, small or extravagant. Just more time to reminisce on your picture-perfect proposal!

Here are some fun text ideas on engagement invite wording:

Bridecontrol engagement card ideas

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