Fallen for your Best Friend

You have been friends for ages, you are so comfortable with your best friend that you cannot remember a life before them. You share the deepest secrets, when you have good news they are the first you want to tell, and when you have bad news, their shoulder is the one you find comfort in. A beautiful friendship only the two of you really appreciate, and then sometimes there is more.

Do you think you might be falling or have fallen in love with your best friend? Lets take a look at some of the “yes” signs:


1. You text him or her all the time

It’s normal to be close with a best friend, but if you are texting morning, afternoon, night and the wee hours of the morning because you lose track of time, this might be edging towards something a bit more.

2. You care about his or her happiness more than you do other friends

You really truly care about what makes them happy and you often go out of your way to ensure this. If someone go against this, you become defensive.

3. You reference them, a lot

When you are talking to others, you find yourself referencing something your best friend said or did and you think of your BFF at random moments throughout the day, a lot.

4. You get jealous

Your best friend will confide in you about feelings they have for someone and this makes you jealous. You may be the wing man or lady and absolutely hate that position.

5. You think about drunk texting your best friend all the time

It’s easy to speak the truth under the disguise of being drunk to test the waters right? You know deep down that you may have feelings for him and her and are not yet ready to own it and do something about it.

6. You can finish their sentences

You spend so much time and memories together that you can easily complete your best friend’s sentences and train of thought. You BFF just needs to start something and immediately, it’s like you are in their head.

7. You can share in comfort

You can share personal stories and talk about touchy subjects. It doesn’t matter because you know your BFF will listen to everything you say without judging.

8. In a crowded place, you’re looking for your BFF

At a party or a bar or any event for that matter, you don't care about seeing anyone else but your best friend during the first few minutes.

9. You hug a little longer

Every time you hug or touch hands or brush over each other, something more comes over you. You want those hugs to last a little longer and those buddy grabs to never fade.

10. Your household item

Everyone important to you, i.e. your family all know about him or her. You talk about your BFF all the time to them and they know how important this person is to you. If your family does something upsetting to your BFF, you become defensive.

11. When something good happens, you want to tell your BFF first

When you have succeeded in something or get recognised, you want to share the stories and excitement with your BFF who is one of your biggest supporters in your eyes.

12. When something bad happens, you want to tell your BFF first

When something makes you sad or you hear of disappointing news, you want to run to your BFF who offers you consolation and protection. You just want to lie on his or her shoulders and pour out your heart and soul to them and you feel very comfortable in doing this with them.

13. You look a little too long

You catch yourself staring and admiring this person who is your best friend and are in awe of their sudden allure.

14. You really, really care

You find yourself caring very deeply about this person and make sure that they remain present in your life.

15. You are always eager to fulfil their plans

You’re down to participate in your BFF’s spontaneous plans to do nothing. Your friend is so enthusiastic about any silly pass time and you are game all the time.

16. You dress up

You find yourself spending an extra 10 minutes making yourself look more attractive, you spray a little more perfume and a little more blush or hair wax.

17. Your day is complete with your BFF

Your day doesn’t seem complete without checking in with each other. Your other friends don’t understand the constant need to call and text with your best friend multiple times a day, but this is non-negotiable for you.

18. You compromise

You are normally headstrong but find yourself giving in to your best friend’s wishes and desires. They can get away with anything around you.

19.  You are more forgiving

When you have a disagreement or fight, you are more willing to forgive them as you care so deeply for them.  They could repeatedly forget to do something and you are full of second chances.

20. You actually picture yourself with your BFF

You day dream about being with your BFF in the same way you would for a significant other.

If you want something more from your best friend, go for it, life is too short for regrets and your friendship to long to break over this. Share your thoughts and feelings wit him or her, their reciprocation might surprise you.

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