6-Week Engagement Party Planner List

Your one-stop checklist to planning your engagement party: 

6 Weeks before:

  • Compile your Guest List
  • Draft out your budget
  • Find and book wedding venue (for best South African wedding venues, connect with our vendors under Venues) 
  • Find and hire caterers and/or serving staff where necessary
  • Find and hire décor provider for tables, chairs, flowers and other items preferred
  • Think about Guest favours


4 Weeks before:

  • Finalise guest list
  • Decide on engagement party and decor
  • Design and send invitations
  • Maintain and keep track of Guest RSVP list
  • Make a shopping list of all the items you require sorted by vendor or responsibility


3 Weeks before:

  • Plan engagement party menu that includes starter, main meal, dessert and finger foods, and drinks too!
  • If not all the food and drink are being externally catered, delegate what must be brought by whom.
  • Make a selection of music for background ambience, entrances, dances etc.
  • Assign responsibilities for specific family and friends who may be assisting you at the event
  • Assign event items such as venue, caterer, florist etc. for those who may be contributing to the event.
  • Order or make guest favours


2 Weeks before:

  • Cross check your shopping list to determine what you have and what is still outstanding.
  • Confirm with your décor rental company on any crockery and cutlery you may be renting or simply make a trip to a party store to obtain your theme inspired plates and cups (Bride Control has some great online stores for props – check under Wedding Vendors)
  • Determine if you would like entertainment (not expected at an Engagement party): just background music or engaging games to occupy your guests?
  • Order an engagement cake if required


1 Week before:

  • Finalise your guests against your RSVP list and send final confirmations
  • Confirm all vendors such as venue, caterer, décor hire, confectionery
  • Catch up with family and friends on assigned tasks and progress


3 Days before:

  • Buy and prepare all food that can be refrigerated
  • If the party is at home, give it a good clean! If it is an external venue, arrive early to inspect and set up
  • Decorate, put out guest favours, lay out any entertainment or games, and organise the seating (if any). It is advisable to have some seating for your older guests.


On The Day:

  • Caterer or allocated people to prepare food at least 6-8 hours before the event
  • Lay out the crockery and cutlery on the tables
  • Organise the bar with glasses, sliced lemons, ice and the available drinks  
  • Toss salad, decorate platters, and lay out food options
  • Add any finishing touches and additional bespoke items such as photos, balloons, candles etc.
  • Switch on background music
  • Get dressed and freshen up to receive your guests (Don’t forget your ring!)

Enjoy the party!


Photo: Ever Ever Photography

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