Bridal Party To Dos before their I Dos

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Bridesmaids you’re up! The bridesmaids are typically the ones who plan the bridal shower perhaps with some help from the moms and aunts and friends. But it is the bridesmaids, you spearhead this event so get your ducks in a row ladies! Keep the below in mind to have an amazing bridal party.

The Bride

If you are a bridesmaid chances are you know the bride well enough to determine the type of party she would like, is it a kitchen tea or a naughty night out? Importantly, do what the bride would like and find memorable. This is not the time to play excessive jokes where there is no coming back from.

The Theme

Sailors or burlesque dancers? Choose a fun theme for everyone to participate in.

The Budget

Traditionally the bridesmaids contribute to the bridal shower budget. Depending on how extravagant you are going, it may be helpful to discuss this with the moms too.

The Date

This event should be hosted no sooner than 2 months before the wedding, mostly since, plans may change. Unfortunately in life weddings do get cancelled and you also want to build up to the wedding.

Host no later than 2 weeks before the wedding. There’s enough wedding mania in those last 2 weeks.

The Mom

Her little girl is getting married and she will want to contribute in some way or form. Involve the mom(s) in the planning. They will also advise on who to invite, gift ideas and family logistics.

The Guest List

Anyone on the wedding guest list should be invited to the bridal shower. The mom(s) or bride can provide this to you.

The invites

E-invites and videos or printed invites should go out 6 to 8 weeks before the event, especially to guests living further away. Keep an RSVP tab and follow up 2 weeks before the event.

The Registry

The couple should have an idea of how they want to be gifted; will there be a home registry, a fund or a charity? Make this information available to all guests attending the event.

The Bridal Gift

As bridesmaids it is customary for you to chip in for the bride’s gift, this could be individual or a grander group gift.  

The Gift Opening

During the event there will be a gift opening session, during this time organisation is needed. The bridesmaids should make this as easy as possible by one handing the bride a gift to open, another clearing wrapping and ribbon and another keeping tabs on what and who from for the bride’s thank yous later.

The Wrap Up

As the hosts, it would be advisable for the bridesmaids to see through the breakdown of the event and provide their assistance should it be at a family home for example. Bridesmaids should be of the last to leave the event.

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