Are you ready for the next step?

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The answer to this question is one you don’t want to hear – you already know. What we would like to help you with in this article bite is to tune you into your senses so you can read what your mind, body and soul are already telling you!

Do any of the below resonate with you?

A few tell-tell signs that you are ready to walk down the aisle:

  • Your “IF” has changed to “WHEN” while you are talking about the future
  • You see the world the same way through joined eyes, only your partner gets you, you complete each other’s sentences
  • You feel like a better version of yourself when you are with your partner (no really!)
  • Those thoughts of “Something is missing in my life” are in the past
  • You can talk about money and responsibilities openly showing the maturity and stability of your relationship
  • You stay up and fight and no longer do the childish runaway or ignoring texts. You care to fix things and protect your relationship.
  • You take the bad with the good: the snoring, the burping, the towels on the floor is part of why you love him!
  • You can talk about what you each don’t like about the other’s families without being attacked – congratulations you are inside the circle!
  • Running away when the going gets tough is not an option for you

A few nudge-nudge signs that you are more I Don’t than I Do:

  • Your relationship has been short, less than 2 years? Give it more time. Statistically, year 1 is infatuation and year 2 is where you learn your partner and what you both want.
  • Your arguments are on a reel: if you are fighting about the same things on repeat perhaps it’s time to do things a little differently.
  • You are dreading the thought of spending the rest of your life with the same person 
  • You love your partner but not in love with them: is there comfort or is there passion?
  • Is it for you? Or are you wanting to get married out of guilt, fear or because you're trying to please someone else.
  • You are keeping secrets from each other
  • You think of divorce as no big deal…in general. It is not a good idea to start something good with an attitude of exit if things don’t work out
  • You don’t see eye to eye: your morals, your beliefs and your non-negotiables clash
  • You love the potential of who your partner could become, not who they are right now.
  • You're interested in an open marriage, but haven't told your partner yet.

Remember that love and commitment is not a perfect science. It certainly comes with the good, the bad and the ugly. It is all about how your partner makes you feel and how you see the world when you are together. Follow that voice and listen to your heart.

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