30 Fresh Engagement Party Ideas

Woohoo! Congratulations on your engagement! Looking for a place that is as memorable as your proposal? That is going to be so difficult to compete with! But we did round up some amazing celebration ideas to continue the amazing memories you will create as a couple. Check out these 30 unique ways to enjoy your engagement party or two if you are up for it. These extra-ordinary engagement party suggestions allow you the opportunity to tap into your favourite location or pass time or share good entertainment with your partner, family, and friends. This is the year to invite your guests to experience something a bit more personal that you and your spouse-to-be share! Also read Engagement Party Necessities


1. All-African Picnic

A commitment party does not have to be a ‘party’ in the usual way. The good old laid-back lawn party can be an ideal way to celebrate. Set the trees with decorations, spread out smaller banners for your table highlights, and artistically place your toppings on platter boards on tables. This idea also helps with social distancing that will comfort your overly cautious guests coming out of the covid-19 experience.


2. Rent a Sport Suite

Love cricket, soccer, golf or other sport? For a sporty engagement party, rent a suite or clubhouse at your loved places where you can celebrate your engagement party, if you catch your favourite sport in season. You can enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner with a toast to the new happy couple in the setting of your favourite sport.


3. Rooftop Rendezvous

Restaurants and galleries often rent out rooftops for unique events. Make this a truly original and romantic party with fairy lights and a band. Enjoy a dinner of light and different hors d’oeuvres from your childhoods or cultures as the sun sets.


4. Sunset Dinner Cruise

If you live near the coast or dam, a sunset ocean or dam side dinner trip is tranquil and scenic for your commitment party. It is personal enough so that both families will mingle and get to know one another.


5. Champagne Brunch

Nothing announces a party quite like champagne popping. Huddle up the family and close friends and colleagues, and toast in a sweet and beautiful venue. The nice thing about a brunch buffet is the extremely wide selection of starters, mains and desserts for your guests to indulge.


6. Fiesta Party

This is a fun festivity you can skilfully put together in your own residence. Greet your family members and friends with sombreros and arrange a tortilla bar with the mandatory salsa and guacamole of course. A Mexican inspired playlist will help set the mood.


7. Backyard Braai

If word of your engagement hasn’t bombed on social media as yet and you are looking for an intimate celebration, then invite your guests for a relaxed braai to announce the good news.  


8. Night-time Bonfire

Set up cushions in your garden and welcome visitors to ring in your commitment party with an outdoor journey in your own backyard. This could be a picture trail from the time you started dating or hanging ornaments of where you would like to visit after you get married (also a soft hint on the type of wedding gift you would prefer – you’re welcome!) Construct a bonfire to toast marshmallows and tennis biscuits as both families get to know one another a bit better.


9. Black-and-White Party

If elegance is what you are going for, then there is nothing like a black and white engagement celebration to bring on the nuptials in style. Pair this with tuxes and cocktail dresses for a smart affair.


10. Favourite Local Pub

Sometimes, the simpler the better.  Especially if you have been dating for a long time, it is the smaller things that you value the most. Perhaps it was the bar you used to hang out at when you were still friends? Celebrate in a casual and meaningful way with different drinks and snacks with your long-time friends and family.


11. Engagement by Poolside

In our African sun, poolside parties is something we take for granted but many envy the space and warmth we have so soak up your love in the sun with floating lilies or lights to add to your picturesque ambience. Hiring out couches and cabanas may also give it that beach flair you are looking for.


12. Roses Soiree

Roses are not only for Valentine's Day. Arrange a rose-themed party with your preferred shades of roses and incorporate something like bits of rose gold or other colour of choice to finish this elegant feel. Your very own Eden to make you feel like royalty.


13. Let the leaves fall

Recreate a cosy engagement party with autumn leaves of reds, greens, and yellows from the many large royal oaks or other trees that adorn our beautiful country. Make it an extra comfy party with casual clothing and flats.


14. Overseas or Local Trip

You don’t need to wait for your honeymoon to go away, why not do a travel party for two if you are fortunate enough to afford it? And there’s some really great deals out there coming out of covid making this affordable. Go to London or to the mesmerizing vineyards across the European mainland, Costa Rica to Greece, Fijian Island to Cape Town, and in all these places there are many activities accessible for celebrating your engagement.


15. Throw a Luau

Who doesn’t love Hawaii? Serve traditional Hawaiian poke and acai bowls, and chocolate, haupia (coconut pudding), or custard-filled malasadas while wearing Hawaiian attire and blossoms in your hair. Decorate with greenery and tropical components to make your party feel like you're on the beaches of Hawaii topped off with entertainment for your guests.


16. The Star Effect

For those who have always wished to get engaged in a VIP style like celebrities definitely need a red-carpet affair! Nothing could be more opulent than having a red carpet swivelled across the corridor all the way until the event centrepiece with whimsical lighting. Add waiters serving hors d'oeuvres and champagne to whisk the night away.


17. Host a Farm to Table Feast

Choose all your favourite local food items for your engagement party and create your own farm to table celebration. Serve food on wooden platters and crates in your backyard with rustic food labels to bring on that fresh feel. Pack a pastry table with your favourite sweet treats. If you and your fiancé share an affinity for good wine, incorporate a wine barrel sampling station too.


18. Engagement out of Town

Most couples are opting for smaller gatherings compared to the traditional big parties – thank you covid-19! One option for such couples is to schedule an engagement excursion in a nearby town or city where your guests could mingle for a bit and you get to spend the rest of the time on a little getaway in the place of your choice.


19. Host an All-White Party

The colour white never goes out of style! Add white lace contrasts to your decorations and have your guests wear white to your occasion to show their adoration for the recently engaged couple. Order some neon lights or glow sticks for an extra party feel as you glow in the dark while you celebrate.


20. Private Dining Room at a Restaurant

Everyone is a foodie for their favourite food! Why not make it an experience for your guests to experience your tastes as a couple and rent out the private dining suites at most restaurants. Some even allow you to bring your own cake and décor! The beautifully decorated restaurant can also serve as an amazing backdrop for beautiful pictures.


21. Throw a Pancake Pajama Party

No this is not just for kids! This is appropriate for close family and friends for some good clean fun. Have your visitors appear in their favourite PJs to kick the pancake party off. Have a variety of pancake toppings from organic products, granola, syrup, Nutella, chocolate, the list goes on. This could also start at night and end in the morning making your celebrations a little longer than most, yay!


22. Movie Night

This is for the blockbuster fans or the romantics at heart. Lease a projector to have a movie night with all your friends and family inside or outside. Play movie trivia and watch scenes from a movie of your choice. This could be an epic love story or a downright action movie, whatever would pump up your guests and the couple.


23. Taco Bar

Host a taco journey party where the food stations are positioned in different places to encourage your guests to move around and mingle to get to know each other’s family and friends better. Show an assortment of salsas, guacamole, beans, meats, and tortilla shells for your visitors to make their own tacos. Have a Margarita and Bloody Mary table to quench your thirst or go the virgin kind.


24. Design a Scavenger Hunt

What better way to tell your engagement story than with an amended scavenger hunt? Leave clues and little gifts around your garden or chosen venue and allow your guests to collect little items to unravel the story of how you two decided you wanted to tie the knot! Or play a guessing game with clues on the personality of you and your partner and the winner gets a prize!


25. Host a Murder Mystery

On the off chance that Halloween and scary films are several of your favourite things, consider hosting a murder mystery party. Break out the extravagant characters and storylines and assign roles in your engagement party invitations—may the best team win! If you are feeling extra creative, you could write a just for fun story about you as a couple.


26. Arcade

Let your hair down and release your inner child at your nearest arcade filled with games and childhood memories. End this off with a lunch and a trip down memory lane, use this as an opportunity to allow your partner to get to know you more intricately.


27. By Candlelight

Soft lighting can create a romantic night event. Switch off unnecessary lighting and use single candles spaced apart throughout the table, or set them up in clumps, using a mixture of quantities and heights to add attention. There is something about candles that will cause your guests to huddle near the circles of light allowing them to draw near and get to know each other better.


28. Gamble Night

You may have just cashed in big love; however, your visitors will need to win large at your gambling night! There are many casino party hire options to run roulette and other gambling games from the comfort of your home. Have your friends and family gamble with each other. A little competition will bring out good fun in both families.


29. Surprise Engagement Party

If you haven't announced your engagement yet, you can make the engagement component of your party an all-out surprise. Keep the declaration secret and make your guests simply believe they are going to a local party. At that point, when everyone is accumulated, you can make the big announcement! The bonus is you will be able to experience everyone’s reactions first hand and enjoy the utter elation at the big news.


30. Superheroes

Are you a superhero fanatic? Play dress up with a superhero costume party. Round up your snacks, drinks (easy to eat items are required in those costumes!) and play guess who when your guests arrive. You can then announce which superheroes are engaged!


We hope you love our round up of special and different engagement party ideas. If you like more than one, you can also opt to have one traditional party and one quirky one, which ever you choose, congratulations on your engagement! Now that you have chosen your party read Engagement Party Necessities. And while you are planning have you thought about your photoshoot? Engagement Photoshoot Ideas Check out what you need from a Photographer


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