20 Tell Signs He is Popping the Question

You have reached that stage in your relationship where you think the next step is coming. You go through that awkward period where you are trying to not expect it and secretly day dream on how it will all go down?

Relationships are very complex and no one knows your beau better than you. If he shows some of the 20 signs below, he might be closer to taking that step.

Here are 20 potential tell-tell signs that he may propose:

#1 He’s been talking about marriage a little more than usual

He all of a sudden brings up the idea of marriage or questions on religion and both your views on marriage.

#2 He’s been discussing kids with you

He starts to talk about children, how many, what gender and what kind of mom and dad you two will be or perhaps he doesn’t want kids but still believe in the marriage part of life.

#3 He’s being overly kind and generous

The guy has got to keep you in a god and loving mood right, so he will be overly smitten with you and makes sure his lady is in prime position.

#4 He’s been meeting with your parents and friends

Has he been meeting with your parents or friends without you, or having secret conversions. Something is brewing!

#5 Your friends and family start acting strange

Your mom suddenly tells you to buy a new dress or your friends start planning certain weekends and pushing you to attend, has he gotten some accomplices?

#6 He talks about where you guys would live or buying a place together 

He brings into your discussions, an apartment or house or an area you would like to live in. The roots start taking…

#7 He’s been disappearing on you  

Give the guy a break; he is probably at a jeweller! If there is room for hints, have a look at our Jewellery Vendors.

#8 He starts holiday planning with a mini break all off a sudden

Out of characteristic normally and boom he takes the driving seat of a romantic getaway? He is definitely turning up the heat! 

#9 He planned a date night for the two of you as a surprise

He could be keeping you on your toes and becoming extra romantic as practise for the big event! The next one is on you, here are a few ideas: Top 15 Date Night Picks in Johannesburg

#10 He talks about a "friend" who's proposing and tries to get your thoughts on it

You know that friend that is thinking of proposing and not sure on how to do it? Well uhm, he is the friend! Feel free to be honest with your thoughts girl!

#11 He flat out asks you about how to propose

Okay so he may be so scared of your expectations that he asks you certain questions, you guys have been dating for a few years and he is comfortable enough to ask what you like and what you don’t. Take the opportunity but give him flexibility to still surprise you, it will be worth it!

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#12 He becomes tight on his wallet. 

Diamonds are expensive! The experience around the proposal adds to the costs. He is doing everything he possibly can to make your special day absolutely perfect.

To be fair, once you walk down this path, budget is key to making sure your wedding day is verything you want. Try our wedding planning tools for free: Budget Planner

#13 He develops a sudden interest in jewellery

He suddenly becomes the expert in gold vs. platinum, diamond vs emerald… he is doing his research!

#14 He becomes overly protective of his cell phone

Those conversations with the jeweller or CAD designs cannot be seen by you – it will spoil the surprise!

#15 He’s been acting nervous

When men take the plunge they become overly anxious on making sure every detail has been attended to, if he is a bit edgy, give him a break!

#16 When he suggests you get a manicure

Especially if he never does this, do yourself a favour, and go get a manicure!

#17 He’s becomes extra affectionate and lovey-dovey 

There is a beautiful thing about planning how you will ask the women of your dreams to spend the rest of her life with you, and as he goes through this, he is falling in love and reaffirming his commitment all the time, it’s natural to then be extra affectionate, enjoy it!

#18 He starts telling you even more how much he loves you.

And as he falls deeper in love with you with Ed Sheeran playing in his head as he holds you, he may tell you repeatedly how much he loves you!

#19 When you travel, he is suddenly very distrusting of the airline

He goes through airport security like a criminal? He gets nervous at the sensors? Perhaps he has a dainty piece of jewellery in his possession.

#20 He plays with your fingers or existing jewellery

The good old trick of sixing your fingers, he may try on your rings and mark it against his finger lines, you may have a ring disappear while he measures it. About that, check out our Ring Sizing Guide.


Do you think he will propose?

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Image: Honeysuckle Brides


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