10 Steps to Walk the Aisle Gracefully

All eyes are you as the Bride; it is your moment when you walk down the aisle to meet your future husband. Here are tips on how to walk down the aisle with natural poise and grace. 

1. Practise walking in your heels

It is advisable to practise walking in the shoes you wear on your wedding day. There may be stairs or grass or uneven terrain between where you get ready and the aisle. You also do not want blisters on your wedding night and honeymoon. Practise the same terrain as on your wedding day to ensure a smooth walk.

2. Choose a song or two

The first step is to choose a meaningful song to walk down the aisle to. Depending on the length of the aisle or where you are walking from, you may require choosing 2 songs.  Be mindful of the beat of the song, an up tempo song does not mean you run down the aisle! Try your best to choose a song with a tempo that can match your natural walk.

3. Hold your bouquet low

This is a great trick to make your arms and torso look as shaped as possible. Hold your bouquet lower than feels natural so that your arms are bent in a diamond shape in front of your body. This creates a slimming and shaped effect in photos and of course shows your bodice to everyone watching you

4. Stand up straight

Having good posture while you walk down the aisle will make you look tall, shaped and more elegant. Hunching over is sometimes unconscious and unfortunately looks obvious in photos and something as simple as rolling your shoulders down your back will you help you avoid this unappealing look. Stand straight and keep your chin parallel to the ground.

5. Your dress

One fear of brides is tripping over their dress, especially if you are in a tight mermaid or heavy ball gown.  Most brides probably don’t have much experience walking in floor length ball gowns, so a helpful trick to help you glide down the aisle is to be mindful of your dress as you take each step and practise walking! As you put your foot forward to take a step, your dress will move against the back of your leg. If you wait until the hem of your dress grazes your ankle, you will never step on your dress. This is something that may require a few practice runs, so if you still aren’t comfortable with this process then you can also ask your seamstress to hem your dress slightly shorter.

6. Walk at a normal pace

Some brides tend to walk quickly when they are nervous, while others tend to walk slowly. To make things seem as natural and seamless as possible, a good rule of thumb is to walk at a normal pace for you. However, depending on the song you’ve chosen for your walk, you may want to adjust your pace to match the beat. If the song is set to a moderate or slightly fast beat, it might seem more natural to follow the tempo. If it’s slow, then you’ll want to walk at your normal pace.

7. Breathe slow and steady

Some brides get nervous with crowds, this will only cause you to hold your breath and race the aisle. Remember to take slow deep breaths and relax, everyone has shown up for you and your love celebration. Breathe and take your time to soak up this once in a life time memory.

8. Look up and around

It may help to calm your nerves to stare directly forward and avoid all eye contact with your guests, but this creates a stiff, unnatural presence that ultimately looks and feels awkward. Feel free to look around at the crowd at all of the guests who have shown up to support you and your love, looking into your family’s eyes and those who have walked your love journey with you.

9. Smile

We know you’re nervous but it’s important for us to not let it show on our faces. Remember to smile and try to enjoy yourself as you gracefully float down the aisle.

10. Thank you accompanied member

This is as emotional for you as it is for your dad and/or mom or significant other family member or friend that walks you down the aisle. Remember to stop for a little kiss and words of affection before you meet with your new life partner.

The key to remember is this is your day so take your time, soak up the priceless moments and glide down the aisle as a gorgeous bride!


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Image: Daniel West Photography


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