10 Engagement Ring Inspirations

The hints are dropping; your partner is acting weird or downright asked you what you like. There are so many engagement rings to choose from so where to begin? Below are the most common types of engagement rings and of course in any stone or gem your heart desires!


Classic Solitaire

A simple, elegant and timeless choice. The archetypical engagement ring since 1886.


Halo Ring Design

Micropave diamonds surround the centre diamond in a circle of light.


Wedding Ring Set

When two rings become one, the match made in heaven.

Wedding set

Promise Ring

The ring that says he will be there for her now and in the future.


Side Stone Rings

Bulky side stones building the past memories into his future as this finishes with a solitaire.

Side stone

Three Stone Ring

Yesterday, today, forever. Two side diamonds join the centre stone.

three stone

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The centre stone combines the liveliness of a round diamond and the contemporary shape of an emerald or square.


Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The vintage inspired centre stone design features rounded corners with larger facets.


Floral Rings

A unique leaf pattern in diamonds showing a bespoke established diamond in the centre


Tear Drop

The bulging beauty. The centre stone surrounded by a diamond halo.

Tear drop


Image: Inside Weddings

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