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Vertical Vixen was established in 2007 with the goal of offering pole dance as a form of exercise alongside other alternative fitness classes. The Vertical Vixen crew strive to keep the classes fun as we work towards a common goal with all of our members - keep fit, be happy, feel healthy and stretch the capacity of the mind & body.

We offer a range of classes to suit your needs, experience and current fitness levels. From fitness and stretch classes through to pole conditioning, pole fitness and pole dance.

Pole dancing has become a hugely popular form of exercise across the globe, with people seeing the benefit of getting fit and then maintaining that fitness while having fun at the same time. Join the revolution!

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Beginners to champions and everyone in between – Vertical Vixen is a home for all.
Julie Fowler (Swart) – Owner and lead instructor

The human body is the best work of art.' 
Jess C. Scott


What is Pole Dance / Pole Fitness?
Pole Fitness can be seen as a form of gymnastics & dance style that includes a combination of: cardio, strength training, acrobatics, dance techniques and gymnastics. A complete workout in which you feel and notice your improvement every week.

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