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Pole Dancing Parties

Learn to pole dance at home with your friends! Miss Behaviour will bring her portable pole to your home or party venue and teach you a tantalizing pole dancing routine. Our expert instructor will adjust the moves according to each lady's ability and fitness level, so everyone can join in and enjoy the fun. Absolutely anyone can pole dance, age and weight are no excuse! Miss Behaviour's Pole Dancing Parties are all about Fun! Fun! Fun! Guaranteed to make your guests feel alive and sexy. Ask the ladies to bring something comfortable to wear as well as their party clothes!


  • The pole dancing lesson lasts approximately one and a half hours (as well as 15-20 minutes before and again afterwards for setting up the pole).
  • Total cost is R1700
  • 50 % deposit (R850) is required to confirm your booking. The balance of R850 is paid seven days prior to the party. 
  • Ask the ladies to bring something comfortable to wear, e.g. gym pants as well as their party clothes. Jeans are fine but short skirts and tube tops tend to be a problem.
  • You will need to measure your ceiling height. It is important to measure this accurately - do not estimate - as the pole must fit exactly between the floor and ceiling. You only need about 2 meters of clear space around the pole and space for the 'audience' to sit or stand between moves.
  • Make sure you are able to play an iPod or copied CD in the room where the pole dancing will take place.
  • Miss Behaviour's Pole Dancing Parties are available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

Adult Toy Party


Remember walking past an adult shop and cringing at its sleazy look. How many of us have dared to actually go inside? Miss Behaviour takes the cringe out of the whole experience. No more flashing neon signs and blacked out windows. Miss Behaviour is proud to bring you a range of tasteful, high-quality adult toys, enhancers and sexy novelties. A great evening of laughing and learning with your friends in the comfort of your own home.


  • The Toy Party lasts approximately two hours. One hour of ice-breaking fun to get everybody in the right frame of mind, followed by expert and tasteful presentation of the bag of tricks; Then and as long as you need afterwards for questions and orders.
  • The party costs R600.
  • A 50% (R300) deposit is required to confirm your booking. The balance of R300 is due seven days prior to the party.
  • Bring a minimum of 10 girlfriends. Undercover parties work best with a bigger group, and everyone has more fun. We charge an additional R200 for parties where fewer than 10 guests attend.
  • Remember: the content of the party, although tastefully presented, is explicit, so it's probably best if you organise the kitchen tea with the grannies for another time and save Miss Behaviour's Adult Toy Party for your younger (or at least 'young at heart') friends!
  • All orders are kept completely confidential. Although you get to learn about the products along with your friends, you don’t have to share anything with them that you don’t want to.
  • Most of the items we introduce will be available to take home immediately. Any orders that we can't fill on the day will be processed and delivered (discreetly packaged) to the party hostess or couriered to you within a week.
  • Orders can only be processed once payment has been received in full, so if you’re planning a little romance after the Toy Party, be sure to bring your cash or card with you (cheques and debit cards are unfortunately not accepted).
  • The products introduced during the Adult Toy Party demonstration can also be ordered from Miss Behaviour’s website, so you always have access to quality adult products in a tasteful, comfortable environment.
  • Gift vouchers can be purchased in advance to surprise your guest of honour. Or get all the girls to chip in on the day and put some funds together to spoil the guest of honour.
  • Includes a flirty fun gift for the guest of honour.
  • The hostess earns 5% of the total sales back in product vouchers if all sales exceed R3000.
  • No minimum spend requirement.
  • A Miss Behaviour Adult Toy Party is available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Richards Bay, or Cape Town. If you are in any other area, feel free to contact us to see if your party can be arranged.
  • Lastly, we really need to stress this point: While you might think it's funny to see granny holding a bright pink, rotating, vibrating, flashing, buzzing sex toy, in reality she's probably not comfortable with this - so please think carefully about who to invite to the Adult Toy Party!

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