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Will your wedding business exist in 36 months?

What if we told you the below is coming:

  • Wedding couples will “meet” you or have venue visits from their TV room using Virtual Reality (VR) glasses?
  • Couples will complete 2 min questionnaires and the top 3 relevant vendors from each of the 35 main wedding categories will already be in a virtual meeting planning the couple’s wedding before you even switch on your computer?
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make simple listings as redundant as the yellow pages (the current wedding generation do not know what the yellow pages are!)

The above are certainties so the only question is are you ready?

Find out how you can build a future-fit wedding business in the AI, BI, VR era instead of being left with WTF…happened. We all know that the customer is king but only some of us have positioned for customer preferences being the kingpin and customer preference dictates high tech!

The Bride Control Platform is the first Wedding BI Tool in South Africa for wedding vendors to secure futureproof business and it is free for the first 500 wedding vendors for a limited time. Partner with the platform that is planning for the future.

Wedding BI Tools that drive Exposure

The Bride Control Platform is the first of its kind. Instead of waiting for a wedding couple to stumble across your page or listing on social media and advertising sites (along with some fairy dust), our BI tools drive engagements to you.

Know your tools at your disposal



Still operating with a contact form

Live messenger will direct couples messages to you

Still go back and forth on email/WhatsApp/calls with the quickest time for a quote: 90 minutes

Exclusive Quote saves your couples time, can be done in under 3 minutes

Still wait for brides to find you

Multiquote sends couples to you

Still look for your target market couple like a needle in a haystack

Advanced Search pinpoint your target market couples to you

Still suffer in silence at the corner of the wrong street

The BI Platform offers the ability for you to draw business from the collective

Still waste time on duplicate sales you cannot book

Calendar Availability matches your open dates to wedding dates

Still play in your tiny segment of market

Multicultural Focus expands your pie with all kinds of couples at your doorstep

Still get lost in information overload

Minimalist Platform effectively focusing on what matters

Still selling with photos and text

Videos build interaction with your couples

Still expect sales from exposure listings

Wedding BI Tools that translate exposure listings into growth  


Partner with the winning team

Our lean and mean team consists of world class international developers, investment bankers and tech boffins with a passion for harnessing technology to solve everyday problems. We are not here to replace the wedding experts (that’s you!) but we are here as tech experts that work tirelessly to bring you powerful BI tools to run your business lean and clean on the go that can punch above its weight with ease.

What are you waiting for? There may already be some wedding couples in your dashboard! Sign up now.

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