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How to set up Vendor Profile

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Welcome to the Bride Control Wedding Planning Platform. As a wedding business in the industry, you understand how competitive it is out there. How you need to not only be seen but thought of, thought of at the precise moment in order to secure your next wedding. In a tech world, it is even more crucial for you to appeal to the millennial through sexy and savvy tech. We introduce you to the only Wedding Business Tools you will ever need to run a lean, mean and profitable business in this challenging South African economy.

Let us get started by clicking sign up, complete your preferred email added, select role as a vendor, set your password, and sign up.


1. Your business dashboard

Bride Control Vendor Dashboard

My Dashboard is divided into your key business components:

  1. Page Manager: set up guidance to ensure your page has an all-star rating
  2. Quotes: review and respond to Exclusive Quotes which was sent to just you and Multi-quotes which are quote requests from brides to all vendors that meet the bride’s selection criteria (only all-star profiles receive these so be sure to have a complete profile!)
  3. Calendar: allows you to set up your real-time availability for more efficiency
  4. Messages: Live messenger feature to run your business on the go (without additional staff or telephone bills!)
  5. Reviews: Your review centre collects wedding couples’ reviews on your services (The more reviews you have the closer you get to an all-star profile).
  6. Awards: List your achievements to increase engagement.
  7. More tools: As we develop new BI tools for your wedding business, it will appear here.


2. My Profile

Bride Control Vendor Profile

1. Complete your account details for how you would like to be seen and contacted.

2. Change email or password on the right-hand side of the screen at any time.

3. Upload your company logo or a team member to replace the default diamond image.


Bride Control Vendor Profile 2

4. Complete your Primary Address and insert additional branches across SA on the right hand side.

5. Select one or multiple Business Categories you would like to be visible for out of 30+ wedding categories, click enter to add.

6. Location co-ordinates will automatically set based on your IP address in order for our Advanced Search Feature to expose your business.


Bride Control Vendor Profile 3

7. Social Media Profile will include all your business external links for increased exposure.

8. Once complete, click Update Profile.


3. Page Manager

Bride Control Page Manager 1

1. Description: Tell wedding couples about your business. For an all-star profile, place your best-distinguishing factors in the beginning to grab more eyes followed by your story. We suggest a minimum of 1000 words.


Bride Control Page Manager 2

2. Thumbnail Image: Image must fit 715x400 resolution requirement and will display in the vendor category.

3. Cover Image: Image must fit 1600x400 resolution requirement and will display as your top cover image on your dedicated page.

Bride Control Page Manager 3

4. Filters depend on the categories selected; you may tick as many relevant boxes as pertains to your business. Be clear on what you can and cannot offer as this affects your exposure on Advanced Search that gives you the power to pinpoint exactly the wedding couple you are after.

5. Click Submit.


4. Page Gallery

Bride Control Page Gallery

1. Click on Page Gallery and follow guidance to upload up to 10 of your very best images.

2. Click the cloud upload button and wait for the green tick (larger images will take longer to load).

3. You can click on each image and use our editing tools to enhance your images (clear images ensure more engagements!).

4. Click Continue to upload to your Dedicated Page and proceed.


5. Video

Bride Control Video Upload

1.Videos: Name your video and select the file not exceeding 32MB (the larger the video, the longer it will take to upload).

2. It is advisable to use short videos under 3 minutes to capture attention. You can upload up to 3 videos.

3. Click Upload Video.


6. Awards

Bride Control Awards

1. Name your award and click submit.

2. The badge will appear once successful.


7. Account Status

Bride Control Account Status

1. Once you are happy with your submitted information, Click Activate Account to appear on the front end of the Bride Control platform.

2. Once clicked, you may Deactivate Account at any time and remove your exposure.

3. Account Activation and membership are free for the first 500 vendors (so hurry to secure this limited offer!).


8. Messenger

Bride Control Live Chat

1. A vendor cannot message brides or wedding couples first, increased engagement comes from your activity on the platform. An easy way to activate this is to request your existing customers to contact you on the platform.

2. Once a user makes initial contact, you may message in real time and run your business on the go.


9. Bride Quote Requests

Bride Control Quotes

1. Quote Bar houses all your received quote requests.

2. General Requests: a user completes their requirements for a particular category and all-star vendors in this category are notified on an opportunity to quote and secure a sale. For example, a user may request quotes from vendor category Photography in Johannesburg with special requests – we will send this to our Photography partners to respond. You may register and find some quotes waiting for you already! Check the date and if this is still fresh, you may respond, otherwise click ignore.

3. Exclusive Quotes: a user engages on your dedicated page and requests a quote immediately from just you. You will receive important particulars of information automatically in order to make an informed decision and to speed up your sales process.

4. Completed Requests: You may respond, message, and complete a quote; or you may choose to ignore quotes. To ensure your all-star profile, respond to as many current quotes as possible.


10. Reviews

Bride Control Reviews

1. Reviews form a big part of your business credibility. To increase reviews and ensure an all-star profile, request your existing customers to login, locate your page and load a review.

2. Increased reviews increase engagement on your profile.

3. Your dedicated page is now active on the platform and you can start using your business tools.

4. You will not be able to see your complete front end profile when logged in. To find your front end profile: Log out > Click Vendor Categories > Select your vendor category > search for your business and click to enter your front end profile


11. Bonus Tip: Connect your business website to the platform

To increase activity, engagement and race to an all-star profile, connect your page to the platform:

1. Locate your front end dedicated page and copy the link. For example:

2.  Save the picture Bride Control Platform Member that looks like

3.  Click through to your website admin panel, insert the picture and hyperlink it to your dedicated page link. Alternatively your developer can do this for you.

4. Congratulations, now your potential customers can engage with you through the powerful BI tools on the platform, all your information collects in one place, allowing you to run your business from pretty much anywhere.

Bride Control Member Badge



What does my dedicated page look like to the Public?

Bride Control Vendor Thumbnail

When a user searches under your vendor category, your thumbnail will appear as above.


Bride Control Front End Page

When a user clicks your thumbnail, the user may toggle on the tab to easily identify your information without clutter.


Bride Control Front Engage Buttons.

Users are able to Favourite you, instant message you and request a quote.


You are all set! Welcome to the Platform. May your business flourish and your sales soar in this tech generation.