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How it works: Interactive Checklist

The best thing since sliced wedding cake! The Bride Control Platform’s Checklist feature is the very first in South Africa. It is an interactive checklist that plans a wedding from beginning to end, guides you as the couple along every step and prompts you when you are behind. You can also add notes, change due dates and add new checklist items not catered for. A wedding planner that goes everywhere with you!

Lets get started:

Bride Control Interactive Checklist

1. The Checklist is broken up into 4 sections, Building up to the wedding, actual wedding week, post wedding and their own items. It is based on 365 days of planning, if you have less time, simple catch up the outstanding items, and if you have more time, pace yourself. Our dates are the best practise guideline but feel free to follow your own schedule.

Bride Control Checklist to Vendors

2. You are also guided to vendors on the platform every step of the way (see top right), if your vendor is not on the Platform, send them the Bride Control Link and ask them to sign up, they will then feed perfectly into your wedding plans!

Bride Control Checklist Notes and Dates

3. Ability to add notes and change due dates, need to fetch mom from the airport? Add it in!

Bride Control Checklist Progress Bar

4. Your wedding progress is tracked, it is easier to execute your to do’s before I do’s online on the interactive checklist or alternatively offline on a Checklist print out. Go ahead and get yourself to 99% ready to get married!


To find out what’s next on your wedding planning journey, sign in, complete your profile and head on to your checklist.