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How it works: Checklists

The Bride Control Platform’s Checklist feature is the very first in South Africa. It is an interactive checklist that plans a wedding from beginning to end, guides the couple along every step and prompts the couple when they are behind. The couple can also add notes, change due dates and add new checklist items not catered for. The Platform connects vendor categories to the checklist seamlessly.

What this means for the wedding vendor:

  • Bride Control is and will continue to attract the new generation bridal couple who desire smart tools to plan their wedding, this translates into high platform traffic and increased likelihood of engagement to all wedding vendors on the platform. Will a bride or groom need to go anywhere else? No.
  • Wedding couples are reminded of the 35+ major wedding categories involved in the planning of a wedding every step of the way thereby linking the smart tool back to your vendor pages seamlessly.
  • All-star profiles are prioritised for featuring. To check if you are doing all that you can to obtain and maintain an all-star profile, click here.


What this looks like in a wedding couple’s world:

Bride Control Interactive Checklist

1. The Checklist is broken up into 4 sections, Building up to the wedding, actual wedding week, post wedding and their own items.


Bride Control Checklist to Vendors

2. Users are prompted to connect back to vendors on the platform every step of the way (see top right).


3. Ability to add notes and change due dates.


Bride Control Checklist Progress Bar

4. Wedding couples’ progress is tracked, they can work online on the interactive checklist or offline on a Checklist print out.


The Platform takes wedding planning tools and features very seriously and will continue to bring cutting edge interactive and smart planning tools to both the vendor and the wedding couple.

To take advantage of this future-fit platform, ensure your vendor profile is not just a listing but an all-star profile to unlock business growth. How to grow to all-star profile.